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17 May 2009/ A Bit of Inspiration
I've located The UCSB English Department Knowledge Base, designed in part by Alan Liu, online. Please feel free to peruse it and draw some design inspiration from it.
17 May 2009/ Back again...
Sorry for the long absence. Due to the diligent work of a few individuals, we're up to 42 articles as of today. The Graduate Women's Organization page is still a stub, though, and I don't have articles up for most of the now-second-years. For obvious reasons, there are no articles yet for any of the new first years. I'll be setting ENGL 1301 up over the next few days, but I need advice about how to do that. Let's get some discussion going on the 1302 discussion page.
21 April 2009/ Status...
We've officially broken the twenty article barrier. The goal is to be up to fifty articles before May 15th. We still need articles on old courses and on the rest of the first-years. We also need articles on First Year Writing. Ideally, a page on ENGL 1301 would include syllabus summary/breakdown including the names of the texts Jasper put on it. Once that page is made, the next task will be to make a page for the "bag of tricks" things on each individual author, where we can attach media.
One final note: Our wiki has an official forum which you can access through the sidebar: Community-->Forum. Let's use that to plan any major projects or additions we want to make to the site.
18 April 2009/ One important note!
For now, we're adopting Wikipedia's style guide. That means, among other things, that abbreviations use no periods.
17 April 2009/ Requests
Here's a list of some articles we need:
17 April 2009/ Opening Day
The S.M.U. English Graduate Students Wiki is open for business!
Here’s the deal: A wiki sinks or floats based upon the participation of its users. I’m going to be adding things here and there as I can, based mostly upon information available on the English Department’s website, but I need your help. Any article can be added by clicking on the “Edit” button wherever you see it. Anyone can also create an article from the main page. Just scroll down, and you’ll see a place that says “Help Out.” Below that, there’s a field that allows you to create an article. Just type in the name of the article you want to create, and you’re good to go.

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