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ENGL 1301Eight British Novels (Spring 2008 Proseminar)Encounter 1492-1640 (Spring 2008 Proseminar)
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Graduate Women's OrganizationJennifer BoulangerJohn Evans
Malory (Seminar)Melville Reading Group (Summer 2009)Micah Robbins
Michael W. AndersonMilton (Fall 2007 Proseminar)Modern British Literature, 1890-1940 (Spring 2009 Proseminar)
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Teaching Practicum (Fall 2008)Technologies of Empire (Seminar)The Rise of American Pragmatism (Fall 2008 Proseminar)
The Southwest Unbound (Fall 2007 Proseminar)Ulysses (Seminar)Wiki for English Graduate Students at SMU
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