John Evans is a member of the PhD Class of 2013. His focus is nineteenth and twentieth-century American novels.
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in West Texas

Biography Edit

John Evans was born in Dallas, Texas. He attended Greenhill School for three years and graduated in 2001. He moved to Wooster, Ohio and enrolled in the small, liberal arts school, the College of Wooster. Originally planning on becoming an acoustician, he quickly changed his major from Physics to English and Philosophy. After graduating cum laude in 2005 with a B.A. in English and Philosophy from the College of Wooster, Evans spent another year in Wooster as an intern creating and developing the Center for Academic Advising, a multi-faceted resource for first and second-year students. Evans then taught English as a second language at the Instituto de Idiomas of the Universidad Técnica de Machala in Ecuador for one year. He entered the SMU English graduate program in Spring 2007. He is currently in his second year of studies.

Current PlansEdit

With Micah Robbins, he has formed the Melville Reading Group. During Summer 2009, they plan to read every novel by Herman Melville. They welcome other graduate students to join the Melville reading group.

Evans is planning to read Dr. Dickson-Carr's undergraduate syllabus from ENGL 2310 - Imagination and Interpretation: Wit and Satire. He welcomes others who are interested to join him.

Evans will be taking the ad hoc summer Spanish course for graduates students of Dedman College taught by Angie Nozaleda.


  • Nineteenth Century American Literature
  • Twentieth Century American Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • Comedy, Humor, and Satire

Teaching ExperienceEdit

  • ENGL 1302 "Space, Location, and Identity" (Spring 2009)
  • ENGL 1301 (Fall 2008)

Committees/Organization Edit

  • Gilbert Lecture Series Committee (graduate student representative)
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