ENGL 1301 is the second of the three First Year Writing classes in the English Department at SMU. It is also the first class taught by graduate students in the PhD Program at the school. The following information is based upon a model syllabus developed by English Department faculty.

Course Objectives Edit

The primary objective of English 1301 is to help students become better writers. Writing well is an essential ability not only in advanced university-level work but also after graduation, no matter what career or field of endeavor one chooses.

Course Requirements Edit

To complete the course successfully, students must write five essays: three done primarily out of class and two done almost entirely in class. In addition, there will be ten ten-question quizzes spread across the semester to make sure that students have read the assigned material and paid attention in class. Students who miss the first in-class paper or as many as three of the ten quizzes and who have an excused absence for the day on which the task occurred may make up the missed work on make-up day, which is Friday, December 5. Students with no work to make up are excused from class on make-up day. The value of the assignments is listed below:

  • Paper 1=20 points
  • Paper 2=25 points
  • Paper 3 (In Class)=10 points
  • Paper 4=25 points
  • Paper 5 (In Class)=10 points
  • Quizzes=10 points (each quiz question is worth 0.1 points for the course)

Grading Scale Edit

  • 94-100 A
  • 90-93 A-
  • 87-89 B+
  • 83-86 B
  • 80-82 B-
  • 77-79 C+
  • 73-76 C
  • 70-72 C- (Please note that students must make a C- or above to receive credit for this course)
  • 67-69 D+
  • 63-66 D
  • 60-62 D-
  • 0-59 F

Course Readings Edit

Readings for ENGL 1301 usually include a unit on the First Year Students' Common Reading and some readings from Criteria, the First Year Writing Department's annual journal. Additionally, the following texts and authors have been used in courses in the past:

Other Versions Edit

This is a template version of this course. Graduate students beyond their second year may adapt it as necessary. As this course is adapted, new variations on it will be listed and linked to below.

Resources Edit

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